We review CBD oils which are available to buy in Canada.

So how did we get here?

Well, this website exists for two reasons:

1. My family has seen tremendous results from using CBD.

2. It’s hard to find reliable CBD products and information in Canada.

I Want You to Meet Some of My Family

Tyler CBD cartoon portrait pictureMy name is Tyler and I’ve been so obsessed with CBD over the past few years that everyone seems to call me Tyler CBD.

I’ve always been interested in becoming the healthiest person I can be, and I try and share my knowledge to those who are willing to listen.

But when it comes to my family, they really don’t have a choice. I basically forced them to listen to my rants about everything from intermittent fasting to nootropics.

I guess my CBD journey all started a few years ago when I noticed that my dad’s arthritis in his knee was bothering him. I considered all the existing forms of treatment and they didn’t do much.

Reg from CBD Oil ReviewsI eventually discovered the connection between CBD and pain relief. After digesting every study on CBD and inflammation, it didn’t take very long to convince my dad to try it.

And boy what a difference!

Not only did CBD reduce my father’s pain and inflammation in his knee, he also started sleeping better and was way less irritable.

You see, my dad is a master carpenter, and if he doesn’t have a project on the go he’s not always in the best of moods. But since being on CBD, my mom has reported that he’s much more relaxed.

I soon discovered that CBD has a huge list of health benefits.

When my mom reported that dad was sleeping better and was way less irritable, it wasn’t long before I discovered more research into other benefits apart from pain relief.

It turns out that CBD has many other benefits.

My dad was my first CBD guinea pig, and the rest of my family followed suit.

Sara cartoon portrait pictureLastly, I want to share the benefits that CBD has had on my wife, Sara.

Sara tends to worry a lot.

At times it can be quite a problem.

When you mix this with a new stressful job, it’s a recipe for too much stress in our house.

So I started researching the benefits of CBD for anxiety and stress.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love this supplement anymore, I found some cool research describing how CBD can potentially help with these issues my wife was having.

To find all my research articles, check out the blog section.

As cannabis becomes legal in Canada, we will have product recommendations for you to review.